Why Clean Your Tongue

Brushing and flossing are not enough. The Tongue Sweeper instruments are specifically designed to safely and effectively lift bacteria and debris from the tongue. A few quick sweeps, once or twice a day is all it takes for fresher breath and a cleaner mouth.

• prevent bad breath (Halitosis)

• lower risk of tooth decay

• lower risk of gum disease

• fresher breath

What are the benefits of tongue cleaning?

Individuals & Families

TongueSweepers are so simple and easy to use, everyone in the family can be on track for a cleaner mouth and fresher breath in less than a minute per day. TongueSweepers make stinky morning breath a thing of the past.

Illness Prevention & Healing

According to the latest research, bad bacteria in the mouth may be related to heart conditions, cancer, and other diseases. TongueSweepers remove harmful bacteria. We call it common sense science.   

Dentists & Hygienists

Many dentists and hygienists recommend tongue cleaning for fresher breath and a cleaner mouth. TongueSweepers are specifically engineered to remove the bacteria that brushes and mouthwash leave behind.


My wife and I wanted to improve our health. We were told by our doctor about the health benefits of keeping your tongue clean. No chemicals from mouthwashes was a big plus in the purchase of our first plastic tongue cleaners. We also did not like the idea of cheap plastic tongue cleaners “scraping” across our tongue. The Tongue Mate is so easy to use that we immediately bought 2 more for teenage children. The kids were sold once they saw the debris that the Tongue Mate captured and removed from their tongue.

Verified Shopper

I've never felt confident about my breath until I bought this little guy. I went with steel over plastics so I can clean it in high heat water.

Verified Shopper