Tongue Sweeper Hygienist Pro

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The Tongue Sweeper Hygienist Pro is the Newest Product in the Tongue Sweeper Line.  "Designed by Hygienists for Hygienists" the Hygienist Pro offers the same benefits of all Tongue Sweeper professional models but also offers a new Closed Head design with a patented "spoon-like effect" allowing for easier and better collection of biofilm and tongue debris.

Though designed and created for clinical use, the Tongue Sweeper Hygienist Pro is perfect for home use as well.  The Tongue Sweeper proprietary finish makes this product hypo-allergenic and easily cleaned or autoclaved.  The Tongue Sweeper Hygienist Pro arrives in its own clear/poly travel and storage case and meets all TSA travel standards.

Reviews for the Tongue Sweeper Hygienist Pro prove it to be the best stainless steel tongue cleaner on the market today.