Tongue Sweeper Model Pro

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The Tongue Sweeper Model Pro has an ultra smooth edge for gentle yet effective bacteria removal. It is made of medical grade stainless steel coated with a proprietary finish to ensure the product is of the highest quality. Each Pro model is labeled with an individual serial number for production control. The patented sleek low profile minimizes gagging when removing bacteria and it has a tapered end to fit in toothbrush holders. The colored silicone ring is added for personalization.  The Tongue Sweeper Model Pro arrives in its own clear/poly travel and storage case and meets all TSA travel standards.

About the product:

  • Easy one handed use.
  • Class 6 Medical Coating renders the tool non-allergenic & a surface easier to clean.
  • Three times harder than our regular stainless steel.
  • Will not nick or break like plastic models.
  • Dishwasher safe and autoclavable for easy cleaning.
  • Made in the USA and guaranteed for life.

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